Academic Art of Riding For Every Body

Academic Art of Riding For Every Body
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  Academic Art of Riding for every body - Educate yourself and your horse by Elise... mehr
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Academic Art of Riding for every body - Educate yourself and your horse
by Elise Nilsson
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The Academic Art of Riding is a discipline meant to teach riders how to educate a healthy riding horse.
The book turns to all sorts of horses and all sorts of people. It turns to every body eager to train and learn about this very particular style of riding.
Academic Art of Riding for every body is a 272 pages long textbook filled with instructive pictures and explanations on how to give your horse a basic riding education. It covers all from the very early steps to the more refined advanced riding details needed to guide your horse to balance. The book is made up of 10 chapters covering different working positions and topics.
The book is structured to introduce every new exercise with a few paragraphs discussion the goal and philosophy of the exercise. Following the short introduction every exercise is described in three parts with the headings "How?", "Why?" and "How do I know it is correct?". The structure is meant to make it easier for the reader to look up information on the various exercises that make up the Academic Art of Riding. How many times haven't we all been standing with our horse thinking: "I can't remember at all what my trainer said that I was meant to look out for in this exercise!" or "Why is this topic/aid/exercise important?
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