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We are happy to present you this beautifully crafted semi caveson, which is part of the "DB" product series by Dörte Bialluch, a licensed Bent Branderup® trainer.

Manufactured in Portugal the caveson is made of Spanish high quality leather.

Dörte Bialluch has been using products of the same manufactory for many years and has tested them to an extend at her daily work.

The "DB semi caveson by Dörte Bialluch" stands out with its stylish but still simply made buckles.

It's available in the colors black, brown, hazelnut and chestnut and can be combined with LISBOA (barock) or PEGASUS (plain) buckles in silver and brass.


The following criteria were important to us when we chose this product:

- DURABILITY - made of durable high quality leather


- GENTLE AIDS, COMFORTABLE FOR THE HORSE - a well padded nose piece makes it highly sensitive and light

- BEAUTY WITH FUNCTIONALITY - no bothering leather ends, they are all taken care of

- CUSTOMIZATION - color and buckles individually adjustable to match your personal taste

- CUSTOM MADE DESIGN - we make YOUR "DB Semi Caveson" come true!



52 – 67 cm (incl. bridge 15cm)


Minor color changes are possible due to varying light conditions during photography, as well as production-related.


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DB Semikappzaum
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